Our Group is a subcontractor in the construction industry mainly providing formwork works services to both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong. The formwork works undertaken by our Group mainly include (i) traditional formwork using timber and plywood; and (ii) system formwork using aluminium and steel. Our Group also undertakes other construction works such as plastering, A&A works and other miscellaneous works including reinforcement bar fixing and concrete placing upon our customers request.

We have an established presence in the construction industry with a Group history of over 25 years. Our Group was principally engaged in structural steel related works as a subcontractor when Hop Fat Yuk Ying Engineering Limited was established in 1990, and has changed its focus to formwork works since 1998.

Our customers are principally main contractors in the construction industry in Hong Kong. Our projects’ ultimate owners come from both the private sector and public sector (including Government and statutory bodies).